Erie Shore Propane provides service to a six county area surrounding Fremont, Ohio. We offer the highest level of service at a very competitive price.
We install above ground and under ground systems, including gas line installations from the tank to the house. We can provide regulator configurations to supply furnaces, boilers, space heaters, generators, grain driers and more.
Erie Shore Propane offers low up front costs, which means if you pay for your propane on a monthly basis or within 30 days after delivery, you qualify for our price protection plan. Our customers won't be surprised by unexpected price increases because we give you an annual guaranteed price cap EVERY YEAR!
We offer above ground tanks, underground tanks, professional installation   and system safety checks. Tanks are available in a range of sizes from 50   to 1450 gallons. We can even connect service to your gas grill!
   We carry gas grills, fireplace logs, space heaters, construction heaters &   hoses, fittings & regulators.